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Dog Ear Publishing reviews services, such as NetGalley, allow the company’s self-published authors to promote their books. Dog Ear Publishing is based in Indianapolis.

Imagine being able to put your book in the hands of thousands of professional readers and book reviewers. That’s what can happen when an author signs up for a Dog Ear Publishing reviews service with NetGalley.

NetGalley, a unique subscription service aimed at professional readers, allows authors to achieve multiple reviews from more than 100,000 professionals. Its audience includes book reviewers, publishers, editors, librarians, literary agents, booksellers, media, bloggers and educators. Authors who sign up for NetGalley through Dog Ear receive a monthlong window of exposure for their book, which will be available to all NetGalley subscribers.

“A lot can be accomplished in a one month exhibition and the tool allows authors direct contact with potential reviewers,” said Matthew Murry, manager of author services and director of new product development at Dog Ear Publishing. “A successful NetGalley campaign can lead to multiple reviews, interviews, book orders and PR opportunities.”

By signing up for NetGalley via Dog Ear Publishing reviews services, authors have the ability to receive multiple reviews from different people rather than a single review by a service such as Kirkus Reviews. For even more value, NetGalley’s diverse subscriber base exposes the book to a larger variety of readers while still including traditional media types.

Subscribers can view a digital format of the book for review upon request. In addition, authors receive weekly activity reports complete with contact information for those who request copies for review.

Murry said authors purchasing a Dog Ear reviews service can add reviews to their book files and other media for free – even if the book has already been released.

“Dog Ear Publishing is really enthusiastic about the exposure potential for our authors through NetGalley. This is a truly exciting, new media platform that publishers and book publicists use to create buzz for a book,” he said.

Dog Ear Publishing reviews service through NetGalley provides the author with weekly reports including names and contact info for all potential reviewers requesting copies. The tips Dog Ear provides authors coach them on how best to follow up with these reviewers to increase the book’s chance of getting a mention.

Murry added that reviews provide numerous opportunities for self-published authors to promote their books. “Reviews should appear on (or in) the author’s book, blog posts, social media pages, video book trailers, press releases and through various book-related online communities and platforms like Goodreads and Amazon Authorcentral pages.”

In addition to Net Galley, Dog Ear Publishing reviews services include Foreword Clarion Review, BlueInk Review and Kirkus Reviews.

To learn more about the partnership between NetGalley and Dog Ear, visit https://www.dogearpublishing.net/book-marketing-services/marketing-netgalley.php. For more information about Kirkus Reviews, visit https://www.dogearpublishing.net/book-marketing-services/marketing-kirkus-reviews.php. To learn more about the Book Review Combo, which pairs three of the most important book review services and syndicates to the trade, visit https://www.dogearpublishing.net/book-marketing-services/marketing-book-review-combo.php. To read what authors have to say about Dog Ear Publishing, visit https://www.dogearpublishing.net/testimonials.php



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