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K. Griffiths

Pages: 580
ISBN: 978-145752-531-5
List Price: 18.95
Available: August 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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What if the world didn’t end as it was supposed to? What if something far worse occurred? Willie (War), Frank (Famine), Petey (Pestilence), and Dave (Death) would like you to know that the Apocalypse began in 90 A.D., just as St. John watched and took it all down; all visible signs of it were then buried beneath human history so that none would notice until it was too late. With the centuries’ passage, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse aren’t the mindless gargantuans they were. They’ve learned to think, to reason, even to dream. They have also lost their horses, most of their weapons and any element of surprise. One ‘day,’ something like an opened ‘sixth seal’ and a waking nightmare inform them that it nearly is too late. To do what? Stop it. Arrive at a more fi tting coda for an ‘X-iverse’ in which they are the ultimate untouchables.

K. Griffi ths is an engineer by trade. He owns his own electronic security design, installation and consulting fi rm in New York City, NY. He was born on Staten Island, NY in 1955 and baptized in the old Our Lady of Good Counsel Church on Victory Boulevard. It is now a gymnasium. He has never gotten over this. For his college newspaper and magazines he wrote humorous articles and the odd H.P. Lovecraft spoof. He has published articles on topics concerning his ‘9 to 5’ in his professional association journals, in SECURITY SALES Magazine, and SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS. He reads ancient history, astro- and particle physics for fun. He listens to avant garde classical music, old prog and ‘black metal.’ MYRRH is his fi rst novel. There will be more. He may even get around to resurrecting cyberpunk. Watch this 4-dimensional space. He has two grown children who were his fi rst fans.