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My Mom’s a Good Cooker: A Working Mom’s Guide to Family Dinners

Gabbie Krivonak

Pages: 142
ISBN: 978-145752-300-7
List Price: 29.99
Category: Cookbooks
Available: March 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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I believe working moms can have a career AND cook tasty and nutritious dinners for their families. It used to be routine for families to gather for the evening meal, and eat and talk about the day’s affairs. Not so now. I have written this cookbook/guide to try to help change this trend. It contains strategies, tips, techniques and recipes I have used during my time as a working mom trying to put a good hot meal on the table at the end of the day. The benefits of home-cooked dinners are numerous .You, the mom, control the portion size, the fat content, and the salt in these meals. Childhood obesity is, in part, I believe, a result of the demise of the family dinner. This guide starts with the toddler years and progresses to the empty nest.

I hope as you read this cookbook and guide, you find a way to incorporate the family dinner into your life. The recipes are easy to prepare and the benefits great. I hope your children say to you after one of these dinners, “Mom, you are a good cooker. “

Gabbie Krivonak is a retired IBM executive, mother of two, and grandmother of four. She is an avid cook and has taken classes in classical French cooking at L’ Academie de Cuisine of Bethesda, Maryland. She is the small business owner of and blogger for My Mom’s a Good Cooker, Inc. Ms. Krivonak lives in Rockville, Maryland with her husband Buzz.