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My First Book About Money-Let’s Start the Conversation

David J. Elrod, CFS, AIF, AAMS

Pages: 50
ISBN: 978-145753-946-6
List Price: 12.95
Category: Children’s Books
Available: June 2015
Edition: Perfectbound

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Let’s start the conversation…

Have you ever thought about how some families are able to grow their estates and continue to pass their wealth down from generation to generation while other families’ wealth ends after the first generation? Studies have shown that families that are able to grow their wealth throughout generations spend time teaching their children about money. Why do most families rarely talk about money? Perhaps we need to rethink how we view money and how our children and grandchildren will handle their own money, and perhaps one day, their inheritance too. This little book isn’t necessarily about teaching small children about money as much as it is about encouraging parents and grandparents to start the conversation about good money habits with children. Whether your children are still small or your grandchildren are now adults, it’s never too late to start the conversation …

David Elrod, CFS, AIF, AAMS spent several years as a Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor before he began working in the financial industry. He has a passion for helping people with one of the most important aspects of their lives. He understands that our habits with money often start at a very young age and can be positively influenced with the right guidance.
David lives in Toledo, OH and is married to Julie and has three children. He is president of Caliber Investments, LLC and provides financial and investment advice to clients in many parts of the country.