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My Family and My Ancestors

Dieter R. Philippi

Pages: 78
ISBN: 978-145755-331-8
List Price: 10.75
Available: May 2017
Edition: Perfectbound

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In My Family and Ancestors, Dieter R. Philippi expands on “parts missed and overlooked” in his 2009 autobiography, My Path Through Life from Europe to the USA. From memories of a confusing and tense childhood in Germany under the Hitler regime to happier adult years as a successful businessman in the United States, Philippi includes a detailed genealogical history dating back to 1792, along with family photographs.
“As well as I remember, I have given the most accurate and honest points during my long lifetime. All during my life, I felt that I had to help, assist, and give whenever possible, and in exchange, I myself have received much to make for a good and enjoyable life.”

Dieter R. Philippi was born on 26th July 1929 in Frankfurt/Main-Höchst, Germany and he was awarded an honorary doctorate in Germany in 2001.
He went to Canada in 1950 and in 1956 he immigrated to the United States Of America.
Dieter Philippi was in the banking field in Canada and then in the USA all his professional life he was associated with Colleges and Universities in higher administrative functions.
Since his retirement from Boston University he lives in Cape Coral FL.

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