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Miracles: A Story of Two Black Men

Jonathan Shaddows

Pages: 208
ISBN: 978-145752-148-5
List Price: 14.95
Category: Fiction
Available: October 2013
Edition: Perfectbound

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This is the heart-warming tale of two more than literate young black brothers, deprived of their liberties for the first time in their young lives, and swept up into a world of specialized skills about which they knew least but affected them the most – about the thing lawyers call The Law.
It did not take them long to find out that the legal trade, in short, is nothing but a high-class racket operated by the vermin and parasites who feed on human misery, spreading destruction, sorrow, and confusion wherever they go.
When all seemed hopeless they met two enigmatic inmates who taught them that ours is a government of lawyers, by lawyers, for the benefit of lawyers and the rich. They rapidly obtained knowledge from the two men and an angelic being to confuse the masters of confusion who could not wait to free them from the deception of Law.

Dirt-poor and mired in the slave age of a bygone era, they raised children who understood right from wrong. Their middle son, Jonathan, good at ‘rithmetic, learned that stable rules govern predictable outcomes and taught these to others, earning enough to set out on adventurous travels “around the world.” He embraced myriads of experiences with youthful optimism, molding his character into an adult with a keen eye for social inequities. Raised as “the downtrodden,” Jonathan, uniquely grateful for all the blessings society rewards education and performance, dedicated his life to helping family and friends achieve the same.
Then came the brutal awareness that society cares not about “truth,” a lesson he learned … in the penitentiary for speaking out against oppression and asking for answers. This is a tale of truth … cloaked in fiction … where victory finally emerges from the shadows.
And if you believe this bio is the whole truth, be cautioned: the truth will emerge … from the dark shadows … where the Creator is, and from where He projects His imaginings into the visible world of illusion that society fails to recognize.