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Michael’s Amazing Weather Machine

Tim Nemeth

Pages: 268
ISBN: 978-145753-146-0
List Price: 14.95
Category: Children’s Books
Available: September 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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Ever wish you could change the weather? Fifth-grader, Michael Fredrick, doesn’t have to dream about changing the weather, he can. Michael’s obsession with the weather leaves him isolated from his classmates – that is until his teacher, Mrs. Szoup, nominates him as class meteorologist. Eager to impress everyone in class, he and his grandfather build a weather experiment from spare parts, including a copper charm with a dark past. When lightning zaps the experiment, everything changes: Michael realizes he can now control the weather with his new invention! His best friend, Ann, is helping Michael keep the weather machine a secret when disaster strikes. A tornado sucks his invention up into the clouds causing a major hurricane to develop on Lake Michigan. As the weather disasters escalate, Ann and Michael must work together to save their community before it’s too late.

In Michael’s Amazing Weather Machine, his debut novel, Tim Nemeth weaves an adventure story inspired by his own fascination for weather and inventions, entertaining young readers even as they learn about the science and history of weather and weather prediction. Mr. Nemeth, a Midwest native who is a scientist by day and author by night, is already working on the next adventure for Michael, star of Michael’s Amazing Weather Machine, as well as other exciting projects. He thanks his wife, Sara, for her support as he works on his craft.