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Cherry A. Lodato

Pages: 58
ISBN: 978-145756-711-7
List Price: 19.99
Category: Health, Self-Help & Spirituality
Available: November 2018
Edition: Perfectbound

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Metamorphosis is a poetic description of my journey to wellness. My degree of healing has increased threefold, but growth continues for a lifetime. I never imagined I would ever feel the peace I now enjoy. The reason for this transformation is because I lived the twelve steps and applied them. I have tried to carry my message to others who still suffer. If my book helps you, pay it forward.

Cherry Ann Lodato was born in Lincoln, Illinois, in 1955, and graduated from New Holland Middletown High School in 1974. She earned an associate degree in Graphic Arts from Pensacola Junior College in Florida, and worked a few years in that field. But she wanted to be a teacher and loved interacting with special needs children, so she began working with physically and mentally challenged children and adults in group homes. In 1989, Cherry Ann became a nanny in New Jersey, where she met and married her husband, John. After moving to Indiana, Cherry Ann was employed in group homes and trained to be a nursing assistant. She received her nursing license in 2003 and currently works with children in home care.
Metamorphosis is her debut book.

Ray Robinson
Ray Robinson

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