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Men and Desire: Book III of the Stinger is in the Tail Trilogy

Michael Ward

Pages: 572
ISBN: 978-145752-801-9
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Category: Fiction
Edition: Perfectbound

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MEN AND DESIRE, book III of a trilogy, is a continuation of Michael O’Farrell’s lifetime struggle with obsessive gay sexual desires, while attempting to live as a straight man, with an uncontrollable desire to seek male sexual encounters, possibly attributed to repeated molestations as a child, beginning at seven, and continuing into his teens. He embarks on two disastrous marriages in an attempt to live a hetero life while engaging in gay relationships. During military assignments in London and Paris, and ultimately in Hollywood when he leaves the military, he becomes involved in several gay relationships, one of which is with a famous screen idol. All his relationships are destroyed because of his inability to remain faithful because of his sexual obsession. Michael becomes a successful novelist and screen writer in Hollywood. After his breakup with his second wife, he finally decides he has no choice except to accept his sexuality and live as a gay man. He becomes the lover of a famous male screen idol, but even then he cannot control his incessant cruising for anonymous gay sex. That leads to another disaster.

Michael is a veteran of both Army and Air Force, having enlisted as a teen, and served until his late twenties. His assignments included top secret duty in London, England, attached to the staff of the Commanding General of a US Advisory Group to the Western Union Treaty. After three years, he was reassigned to Paris, France, where he was assigned to the staff of the Supreme Commander of NATO, General Eisenhower. After five years, he left the military and settled in Hollywood to pursue his writing career. He found employment in various major Hollywood studios, including Twentieth Century Fox, Columbia Pictures, and Screen Gems. He wrote several television scripts for Broken Arrow, Father Knows Best, and The Donna Reed Show (which, he is certain, dates him to anyone who remembers those shows). He was inducted into the Writer’s Guild. Ultimately, Michael discovered he had artistic talent, gave up writing, and became a successful painter for several years. On retirement, he began to write his trilogy, which took five years to complete. He is currently writing another novel, and painting in his spare time—and caring for his three canine companions, who are convinced he is a special man, possibly because they are bribed with doggy treats.