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Match to the Heart

Ken Luber

Pages: 196
ISBN: 978-159858-909-2
List Price: 12.95
Category: Fiction
Available: April 2009
Edition: Perfectbound

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When Michael “Traine” Tranier, a low-life drug dealer, dodges the bullets of LA thugs, he runs into the arms of Risa, a beautiful Mexican angel who takes him on a journey just as deadly. “Match to The Heart” is a modern day saga of a man’s struggle for redemption and love in a world he never knew existed to a place and time he never left. But the novice angel soon discovers that the journey is as much a challenge for her as it is for him. Risa recognizes in Traine the soul of a noble warrior who, in another incarnation, saved her life and who she married four hundred years ago. Of all her past lives, this is the one love she has never forgotten. The one soul she still desires. Their journey spans centuries and continents, terrifying forests and raging seas as their love takes hold and the secret of human transformation is revealed.

“Though this story be fiction, it is in fact truth of the highest order, for as we walk our path, how do we separate illusion from reality? Is not the journey of the soul to find our truth, the purpose for which we walk the earth? Luber’s tale of one man’s journey is both powerful and intimate.”
(Betty Riley, author “A Veil Too Thin”)

“This man’s search for his soul is an inspiring adventure. In his awesome journey, we are reminded how far our thoughts, words, deeds and actions are reaching out into the world. Simply stated, this book will give you insight into how beautiful your soul is. Thank you, Ken Luber.”
(Ada Marie, author/editor “Miracles at Your Fingertips”)

“This novel is a must read for discerning adults of all Faith Persuasion, as well as those of no particular Persuasion. For every word, there is a reason. I was enthralled.”
(Reverend Marian Whiteman, ICSL Palm Desert, CA)

Ken Luber, writer and teacher, lives with his wife Kathleen in the San Jacinto mountains of Southern California. After years of working in the Los Angeles film and television industry, Ken now focuses on novels and travel.