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5 Ways to Find Your Marketing Audience


Marketing self-published books does not have to be a terror-inducing process for indie authors. There is nothing mystical or magical about getting out there and promoting your book to readers. If you are looking for ways to increase opportunities to sell your work, focus your efforts on these five areas.

how to market your book

  1. Establishing Your Marketing Goals

Is selling books your primary goal, or is building your brand top priority? Whatever your intentions, be realistic. Trying to sell your work to everyone is spreading yourself too thin. Focus your efforts on a specific group of readers and target them through e-mail newsletters, paid social media campaigns, and special events like book signings, panel discussions, readings, and online seminars.


  1. Knowing Your Readers and Where to Find Them

By recognizing your core readers, you can reach them directly through genre-specific publications, Internet sites, and advertising. Understanding your audience and how they get introduced to your work helps you widen your marketing range.


  1. Joining and Networking with the Writing Community at Large

Never underestimate the power of networking with fellow professionals. Established authors are a great source of information and assistance. They can guide you on how and where to connect with readers. They can also help introduce you to industry types who might spotlight your work to the masses. These kinds of introductions can get your books into new outlets.


  1. Building Your Brand

Building a brand takes a long time, and some authors aren’t prepared to go the distance. If you are, start by building your catalog. Offering a book at a discounted price can entice readers to buy a second or third book from you. Remember, branding is not about selling individual books but about you evolving into a recognizable author.


  1. Thinking Outside the Box

In today’s digital age, how do your readers get their entertainment and information? The answer is where your marketing efforts will be the most effective. Help readers discover your work in a whole new way by working outside the usual mediums of e-books and print versions. Consider producing audiobooks, illustrated editions, even podcasts or videos to reach a larger audience.

how to promote your book

Focused Marketing Gives You an Inside Track

Make sure your marketing plan takes advantage of the promotional tactics that have worked for you in the past but is still flexible enough to adjust to future trends. There is no one set formula to follow. By knowing your audience and focusing your marketing efforts, you will have the inside track on successfully selling your books and achieving your goals.


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Ray Robinson
Ray Robinson

When Ray first entered the publishing industry, authors relied on “vanity presses” to produce their work – many of whom would charge $15,000 or more and leave the author’s garage filled with hundreds of books. Ray, along with coworker Alan Harris, joined forces with Miles Nelson to create Dog Ear Publishing to provide the author community a self-publisher with a heart. The group’s application of new technologies and publishing on demand reduced the cost of publishing a book to a fraction of what it had been for previous generations; authors now have the ability to publish a book in as little as six weeks and print as few as a single copy.