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Marooned in Aggieland: A Bumbling Brit Discovers College Football, Guns N’ Waffles

Josh Perry

Pages: 268
ISBN: 978-145753-215-3
List Price: 13.95
Available: September 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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Four weeks after the London Olympics, a bored, jaded and remarkably unsuccessful sports-comedy writer sat down to watch college football for the first time. Little did he know, in twelve months he would trek across the pond and live through a heavy chunk of 2013 season. The destination? An American state that is five times the size of his homeland. During this heart-warming expedition into Aggieland’s spirited maroon seas, he humorously embraces the infamous traditions, pageantry and stark cultural differences that encompass Texas A&M University and college football. Throw in 450 pints of beer, gun wielding Houston gang members and a polarizing Heisman Trophy winner, and you’re still barely scratching the surface of a clueless Brit’s truly unique story.

Following years of sitting in an office for forty hours a week, one day, everything changed. Mindlessly uninterested with his monotonous occupation, British writer Josh Perry fancied an alternative life path. Instead of his journey taking him to the job center as expected, he turned up on the other side of the Atlantic in a little town in the heart of Texas. Whilst marooned in Aggieland, Josh soon found himself falling in love with a sport that barely registers in the mainstream culture of his native land. Join him on his soul-searching journey as he explores a region and society that is comically alien to him.