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M & M: Will This Be My Life Forever?

Andrea Nickleson

Pages: 216
ISBN: 978-145752-814-9
List Price: 12.95
Available: May 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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M&M is not just a tattoo behind Andrea Nickleson’s ear. In this graphic autobiography, recovering drug addict Andrea shares stories about M&Ms that have shaped her life, including:
Music & Masturbation
Maker’s Mark
Marshall Mathers, and
The Man on the Moon
In her book, Andrea describes how her road to addiction began in middle school. By high school she’s engaged in a profitable (but illegal) business with her father, getting high all the time, and making choices that lead to harrowing experiences. And by the time she’s 22, Andrea is caught up in a violent relationship with the father of her four children. Yet Andrea is more than a recovering drug addict. Join her on this journey as she overcomes the lows of crack and violence and rediscovers her thirst for knowledge, her joy in music, and her love for her children.