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Luscious: The Story of Four Time NWA World Champion Rocky Reynolds

Aaron Madden

Pages: 356
ISBN: 978-145752-920-7
List Price: 17.95
Available: June 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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When our love and passion is so intense to grasp a dream and make it reality, we forgo what is rational and take risks that others would not. But with these risks come great possible consequences that ultimately could bring us face to face with death. And during Aaron Madden’s pursuit to make it big in the professional wrestling business, he continuously pushed the limits, irrationally increasing the consequences each time, until finally taunting danger one too many times and coming face to face with mortality. Born and raised in Titusville, a small town in northwestern Pennsylvania, Aaron desired and strived to become a professional wrestler. While attending a National Wrestling Alliance show, Aaron’s drive and natural athletic ability were instantly noticed by the promoter. Soon, Aaron became known to fans as Luscious Rocky Reynolds and quickly rose through the ranks of the National Wrestling Alliance, becoming one of the fastest rising independent professional wrestlers of his time. As Aaron traveled throughout the NWA territories nationwide, he often found himself in World Title Main Event Matches with legends of the past and stars of tomorrow. And from those World Title Matches, Aaron made his mark in the NWA history books, capturing the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title a prestigious four times. But just as Aaron’s success continued to rise, he pushed his limits too far and experienced one of the most traumatic and horrific accidents in the world of professional wrestling. In this book, you will journey through the wrestling career of Aaron Madden. From his first matches in near condemned buildings and circus tents with freezing temperatures to the bright hot lights of the nationally televised professional wrestling organization Total Nonstop Action. From the times he was hoisted onto the shoulders of his fans to the times he was strapped to stretchers and wheeled out of buildings. And from all the times he stood in the ring proudly holding the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title to that near fatal night that he lay almost lifeless on the cold tiled floor next to the ring with blood pouring from his head. When we risk it all to pursue our passions, we are willing to take risks and pay any price. As you read this book, you will discover that Aaron’s passion to make it big in the professional wrestling business was so intense, he was willing to pay that price with his life.

Aaron Madden is a Four-Time NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion and is known to professional wrestling fans as Luscious Rocky Reynolds. Aaron has wrestled for and held several championships for numerous professional wrestling organizations nationwide. Prior to becoming a professional wrestler, Aaron attended Gannon University in Erie, Pennsylvania, where he received a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. Today, Aaron lives on his horse farm in northwestern Pennsylvania with his wife Ashley and two daughters Aarolynn and Addyson. In 2006, he became a police officer in his hometown when he joined the department in Titusville, Pennsylvania.