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Loving Again: Precious Chelsea and The Queen of Sheba

Karen Blaser

Pages: 72
ISBN: 978-145752-535-3
List Price: 9.95
Category: Nonfiction
Available: February 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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Loving Again: Precious Chelsea and the Queen of Sheba is a heartwarming story of a woman who received the gift of a German Shepherd puppy. Never before experiencing the love that these four-legged “children” unconditionally give, Chelsea wins over her heart. This dog is now part of the family and creates memories that will make you laugh and cry as Chelsea succumbs to old age. The pain of losing Chelsea is almost unbearable, and as the years pass she thinks this bond of love will never happen again. Then along comes Sheba, and Karen finds herself loving again. This book includes stories that not only amuse, but also give the realities and responsibilities of owning a pet and training them, so when they are older you will still want them to be part of the family. This book is a must read for all ages!

Though this book was conceived to cherish the loving memories of an amazing German Shepherd, to comfort those that have lost their beloved “child” that we share a similar fate, and to give hope that we can love again, it is so much more. How Sheba became a part of Karen’s life is a story that stands on its own, and shows that miracles do happen. This book also teaches that training a pet is a very important aspect of wanting to keep them as part of the family. These “children” bring a different dimension to the health, happiness and fullness of our lives. However, these “cute” little ones sometimes get neglected or blamed for not knowing or acting the way they “should.” We spoil them as puppies and expect them not to get away with the same antics that we allow them to get away with as cute little ones.

The song, “The Girl from Missouri” is also included as a tool to aid families in learning the importance of caring for and training their pets. Children have fun singing this song and being creative with their version of it, as it inspires and teaches them the important message to train little puppies so when they are older, you will still want them, love them, and care for them as members of your household, for they are part of the family.

Many pictures are included for your enjoyment and for those that learn better visually, or they can be used as a photo story for younger children. There is also a section of creative educational ideas and activities that parents and teachers can use in conjunction with this song, so the message to love and train these fine furry friends will be taught in a fun and memorable fashion.

Karen Piscitelli Blaser, a native of Connecticut with English/Italian heritage, had an enriching childhood with five siblings and diverse cultural influences. An English major at college, Karen left academia to perform in various musical groups. Touring the US and Canada for five years, Karen returned to school to study with jazz guitarist Sal Salvador. She opened a guitar studio and continued performing in bands as she earned a Music Theory degree, graduating summa cum laude. Volunteering to teach music at a local church school, Karen fell in love with teaching, which culminated in a career change and an Elementary Education degree. Adding a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction to her resume, Karen moved to the Atlanta, Georgia area to be principal at a junior academy. Currently, she works in the business world as a trainer/manager at car dealerships, dabbles as a real estate agent, and is very active in her local church.

Karen is known to be very intense with everything she undertakes. When playing guitar she practiced for hours to excel in this area. Performance and having her own guitar studio were the fruition of a guitar teacher having her teach at his studio when she was in the ninth grade, and perform in his band when she was in tenth grade. Becoming a Christian in her mid-twenties changed her pursuits and goals. Starting to teach at the local church school, she was also “very intense” about being a successful teacher, and won several awards for teaching excellence. This idea of excellence also reaped its benefits in the business world. Karen is able to combine the discipline and focus she developed from music, along with the learning styles she acquired from teaching, to educate and train those in her field.

There are many interests and hobbies that Karen enjoys. She has a passion for collecting and playing various types of guitars, along with other stringed instruments—12-string, banjo, dulcimer, dobro, bass guitar, mandolin—and has currently started playing the cello, which she plays in the church ensemble. Her love of music and poetry culminates in Karen’s songwriting abilities. Karen loves to travel and go camping. Photography is an enjoyable pastime, which ties in well with her love of being out in nature, as is her love of various mediums of art.

Currently, Karen lives on some acreage outside Atlanta, Georgia. She enjoys spending time with Sheba, her loving German Shepherd. They like to go for walks at a nearby park and local lake, along with rides and hikes in the North Georgia mountains. Very active in her local church, Karen’s faith grows daily as she draws closer to her God. She is very blessed to have a wonderful family, exceptional friends, a loving four-legged child, and many God-given gifts that provide her with very full and rewarding days.