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Louis and the Ghost

Henry G. Brechter

Pages: 268
ISBN: 978-145752-334-2
List Price: 14.95
Category: Fiction
Available: November 2013
Edition: Perfectbound

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An intriguing story of a ghost seeking help to escape purgatory, Louis and the Ghost is a character-driven family saga that blends humor and sadness, romantic erotica (“Romotica”), and moments of raw suspense. It’s a masterful mix of supernatural happenings steeped in historical fact—a book that will keep you riveted from first page to last.

“Brechter’s prose is heavily descriptive, and omniscient narration affords readers insight into the innermost thoughts of many characters. Brechter imparts a convincing picture of a transitioning family that is suddenly confronted with the supernatural…Language may shock, particularly juxtaposed to the relative innocence of early chapters…The novel operates on several fronts [and] interwoven with the persistent YA flavor of the prose, young adult fiction readers will enjoy Louis and the Ghost, which abounds with intriguing notions…A shocking end…”– Foreword Reviews

“This book is a clever and unique blend of the supernatural and history—with a unique twist in that it exposes the Civil War immigrant soldiers’ plight. The careful research and historical fact are woven into a story that focuses on family and family relationships, giving it depth and soul. Also appealing are the episodes of [the ghost’s] history in the Old World, and the fact that two veterans, 140 years apart, are “saved” from what war has done to them. Along with the erotic component, this book should appeal to a wide audience…” – Dog Ear Publishing

“There’s some good prose in these pages…” – Harvey Klinger, Inc.

About the Author:Henry G. Brechter’s first in a new series, Louis and the Ghost, merges three personal passions—history, genealogy, and the paranormal—into one original saga. The author has earned multiple certifications and affiliations in his professional fields, holds a master’s degree in history, and has traveled extensively in the western world.  Having followed an interesting path through life so far, Henry is dedicated to his lovely wife and three beautiful children.