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Lost Love Letters

Berneta Herbel

Pages: 516
ISBN: 978-145752-575-9
List Price: 19.99
Category: Fiction
Edition: Perfectbound

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This story is about a young man who saw a young lady at a bookstore and was mesmerized by her beauty. She was upper class and he was a laborer. A friend gave him her name. He wrote her a letter inviting her to have tea with him. She received his letter and responded accepting his invitation. They immediately felt a connection to each other, so, they started writing letters. As time passed, the letters became personal and intimate. Their lives became entwined through the letters. The young man and young lady continued sending and receiving Love Letters making promises to each other about their future. Fate stepped in and they had to make several difficult decisions that would change their lives. She continued sending letters to him. His letters were returned to her unopened and she wondered why he stopped writing…

Berneta Herbel grew up in Hooker, Oklahoma. She raised three children and is the grandmother of nine and the great grandmother of fourteen. She was widowed at an early age and began writing in a journal to help her cope with her grief. Berneta realized writing was a gift from God to help her deal with life’s situations. Berneta always dreamed of living in the Victorian age and it is the setting for this story. Berneta has been writing stories for over 20 years. She keeps a pen and paper on hand to write down ideas for her stories. She has read many of her stories to kindergarteners through the sixth grade over the years. This is her first published book and she hopes to publish more of her writings which include novels, novellas, young adult, and children’s stories.