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Looking Down on the Moon

Charles Sage

Pages: 332
ISBN: 978-145752-642-8
List Price: 14.00
Available: March 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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The year is 1987. Jack Roberts is a missionary pilot flying in East Africa. A car accident has mangled his legs, a woman has mangled his heart. He gained more from both than he ever lost, but he’s only just starting to realize that. The cane he walks with provides him with more support than any person he’s ever known. Sometimes it’s the only thing he has to lean on. Jack Roberts wants more. Jack is a man with hidden skills. When those skills come to the attention of a mysterious corporate head-hunter, Jack is lured into the dark world of mercenary flying. The transition from missionary to mercenary is a surprisingly easy one for a man like Jack and suddenly he is playing a pivotal role in the Angolan Civil War. Under the tutelage of a veteran of this dark murky place, Jack learns to fly a stolen A-26 Invader like a bad habit. When the world closes in, when people can’t be trusted, a good ship and a stout cane see Jack through. A lost love and a secret people will kill for are forced upon him. Everything Jack believes in will be tested. Every technique Jack has learned from an esoteric Burmese martial art will be strained in a running fight for survival. Jack Roberts is a man looking for a mission. Jack Roberts is a man looking for the truth. Jack Roberts is a man LOOKING DOWN ON THE MOON.

Charles Sage is a pilot who lives in the Western United States and works overseas.