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Live Longer And Like It:
A Guide For The Over-Eighties

Dorothy Adelson

Pages: 200
ISBN: 978-145752-453-0
List Price: 13.95
Category: Nonfiction
Edition: Perfectbound

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The author tells the story of life in her ’80s. Like any retiree, she explores the challenge of rising each day with free time to plan for. Shall it be volunteer activity, self-improvement? Or redecorating the apartment, or raising African violets? She enjoys the rewards of a network of college friends. As for travel, following years abroad, for her, “home is best.” The book offers elegant, easy recipes , as well as a chapter on retiring in Paris.

Of special interest to the over eighties will be her advice on “the little infirmities of old age “(Dickens)-falls, memory going, insomnia or daytime drowsiness, incontinence, vision and hearing loss. She advises a medical alert for anyone living alone.

The author coped with disease and doctors by resisting over-medication and aggressive surgery, by getting a second opinion and joining support groups. She never took a doctor’s “I can’t do anything more for you” lying down; she read, joined a support group and explored alternative medicine.

The appendix includes blank forms of living will and health care proxy as well as a list of support groups.

Dorothy Adelson, a New Yorker from Manhattan, received a B.A. from Barnard College with honors in the classics and a Master’s degree from Columbia University. In her own words, she has had a life of “reading, rereading and scribbling”. She is a published author of a memoir (“Roughing It on the Rue de la Paix), a couple of novels (“Cupid in Venice”, “Operation Susannah”) and articles on Marcel Proust. A longtime journalist, first she was a staff writer for the U.S. Coordinator for Latin American Affairs in World War II, later wrote for Overseas News Agency, as Paris correspondent on women’s affairs for Worldwide News Agency, and others. She was employed by the Jewish Agency at the United Nations 1946-48 as a lobbyist for Israel. Ms. Adelson, often challenged by ill health, at “over eighty” years old is upbeat and eager to share what she has learned in life.