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Little Miss Muffitt: Guardian of My Heart: A Tribute to All Those Special Dogs Who Capture Our Hearts and Stay Forever

Rose Miller

Pages: 252
ISBN: 978-145753-114-9
List Price: 14.95
Available: October 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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Rose retired from showing and breeding nationally recognized Tennessee Walking Horses and managing the New Acre Farm boarding facility in 2012, and moved with Hal and Bob to a small horse friendly ranch-subdivision in Prescott, Arizona. She continues to support diverse animal welfare groups and write about her continuing escapades. She is an artist and now enjoys the West as inspiration. Moving with the human family were the horses: Praise Hallelujah and Sunday Praise (The Horse That Wouldn’t Trot), the mules: Susie Q, Ruth Ann and Magic (Mules, Mules and More Mules), Cagney and Lacy the geese, Hershey, Lady Blue, Arizona and Maggie, the dogs and Charm, Molly and Possum, the cats. All profits from Rose’s books are donated to animal support groups.

Rose grew up on a farm in Northern Pennsylvania loving animals of all kinds. There were many cows, chickens, ducks, peacocks, and later horses but never dogs or cats. Later in life, Rose thought cow dogs would be a good choice to help with the family dairy cows. That venture failed because, by her own admission, she did not know enough about training cattle dogs. Subsequently, Rose looked for a dog that would better suit her needs—more of a companion than working dog. Enter the Doberman breed. Many extraordinary Dobes taught her about unfailing love and loyalty, keen intelligence, and ideal companionship. Unfortunately, her favorite dogs, Batman and Lady Robyn, did not stay nearly long enough in her life. Their passing was extremely traumatic, leaving a huge void, but soon a Miniature Schnauzer, Little Miss Muffitt, would fulfill her doggie needs for nearly seventeen years. Rose shares their lives as she and Muffitt devotedly grow together. Muffitt never had puppies but helped raise ducks, geese, and kittens. She aided with foster dogs, showing them her favorite potty spots and dog sat when Rose left on errands. She was a seasoned traveler and went to numerous horse shows. She was Miss Independence and let her desires and thoughts be known to all. She adamantly disliked children but eventually decided that helping with the grandmothering of two little girls was just fine. During this period in Muffitt and Rose’s life, Rose’s daughter and son-in-law were K9 officers who had numerous K9 partners during their careers. Muffitt kept them all in line when they visited the farm. Several K9 stories telling of valor and devotion are shared in the book. The next dog to enter the family was Lady Blue, a Giant Schnauzer. A big, hairy, opinionated dog bred to guard and herd didn’t turn out exactly as hoped, but Blue taught Rose patience, perseverance, and how to love a dog that isn’t perfect but is yours and is devoted to you. Muffitt and Blue shared the family for many years. A few months from her seventeenth birthday, Miss Muffitt was laid to rest on her own bed in Rose’s den. If losing Batman and Robyn was traumatic, this loss was even more devastating. Months went by with Rose’s grief still unabated. One day she went into a pet store where foster dogs were hoping for forever homes. One Miniature Schnauzer caught Rose’s eye. “Here,” the foster mom said with a gentle smile, handing Rose the older dog’s leash, “why don’t you take her for a little walk. Her name is Maggie….”