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Life Sciences in Comics, The Complete Series:
Units I through Unit V

Randy Yang

Pages: 368
ISBN: 978-145752-178-2
List Price: 26.95
Category: Prof. Reference & Textbooks
Edition: Perfectbound

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There are other educational comic books out there. However, this one is special.

It makes heavy use of association and symbolism. As an educator myself, I know first-hand how helpful they are to student learning. When you read this book, you will notice that it is clear and gets straight to the point. There is no “fluff” that distracts students from the main point, and its drawing style is soft and warm so as to minimize negative emotional responses from the reader. Together, these things help the learners focus on the concepts in front of them.

This book covers 5 key aspects of Life Science: Ecology, Cell Biology, Genetics, Evolution, and Anatomy/Physiology. However, its purpose is not to replace traditional textbooks. Instead, if you would use this book as a study aid, preview tool, or even last-minute test review, you would find it an incredibly helpful resource.

Randy Yang received his Master of Education from the UCLA and Bachelor in Biological Sciences from UC Irvine. He has also taught science in public schools for 5 years. During his years of teaching, he integrated his hand-drawn comics into his lesson and witnessed how student learning is dramatically improved by the use of such comics. Therefore, in 2011, he began to create a set of comics that address the key concepts in Life Science in order to help students understand Life Science in a fun and effective way.