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Let Purpose Lead: How Purpose Saved My Life & How It Can Change Your Life Forever

Tynesia D. Jackson

Pages: 156
ISBN: 978-145755-754-5
List Price: 24.99
Category: Health, Self-Help & Spirituality
Available: November 2017
Edition: Perfectbound

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Let Purpose Lead (LPL) is a prevailing story of faith, fight, and fortitude! In this powerful masterpiece, Tynesia shares how purpose served as a conduit to rescue her from the grips of life’s trials and mindset manipulations that came not only to destroy the quality of her life but also to forfeit the purpose of her life. In LPL, Tynesia shares how, during some of the most devastating seasons of her life, her determination to remain connected to God saved her from spiraling out of control and giving up on life altogether. She shares how discovering purpose in her challenges gave her reason to keep fighting. Her story will empower you and ignite the fi re that lies within you to pursue your purpose and live a life filled with the promises of God. With great simplicity, LPL will serve as a practical guide to help you discover your life’s purpose, scripturally demonstrating how God gave you everything you need to prosper in life through purpose. This book will give you the courage and tools you need to become empowered by the struggles and mishaps of your past. LPL will help you break the repetitive cycles of dysfunction and delay that keep you stuck in life. By the end of this book, you will have a clearer perspective into your life’s purpose and the gifts that lie within you.

Tynesia Jackson is an evangelist, educator, inspirationalist, life/purpose coach, and author. Her life has been compelled by pain and purpose. She is undeniably gifted in her ability to inspire, train, and position others to live their best lives by tapping into the greatest part of themselves. Many who know her testify to the power of God that exudes from her life. She is an uncompromisingly passionate teacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ. She is known for her fervent speaking abilities, which motivate, inspire, and propel the listeners to seek God and pursue their purpose. She has given of herself for many in hopes that they too will discover and walk fearlessly in their life’s purpose. Tynesia has spent many years working in various capacities in postsecondary education. Although she has excelled professionally, she has never become complacent in her professional achievements, understanding that her life was made for much more. For this reason, she began pursuing her life’s purpose and made it her life’s goal to remain in purpose, cultivating God’s plan for her life by committing the rest of her life to showing others how to discover and pursue their purpose.

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