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Lenape Animal Tales

George Clever

Pages: 108
ISBN: 978-145752-720-3
List Price: 12.95
Category: Inspirational
Available: May 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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Lenape Animal Tales is a collection of folktale stories of the Delaware (Lenape) Indians. A folktale is a story with a plot of pure fiction, and has no particular location in either time or space. However, despite its elements of fantasy, a folktale is actually a symbolic way of presenting the different means by which human beings, the Lenape Indians, cope with the world in which they live. These Lenape folktales concern animals speaking with the people, acting like humans, or being significant players in stories that teach. As a people with an oral teaching tradition, lessons were passed by the story teller from one generation to the next; where ever families gathered, at ceremonies or around winter fires. Delaware Indian families today have fewer opportunities to pass the teachings to the next generation as they live now in a more mobile society. It would seem appropriate to give this book the title Lenape Animal Tales to provide a book, “talking leaves”, for those who cannot sit by the side of elders and hear these stories first hand. There are lessons to be learned from these stories and a history to be remembered as told by the ancestors of Lenape living today.

George writes about his life in a small Western New York steel town in the 1950s, attempting to capture things that mattered then, and are different now. He received a B.S. from Buffalo State College, a M.Ed. from State University of New York at Buffalo where he also did his doctoral studies. Teaching at the Elementary, Secondary and University levels, he also served as Assistant Dean of Student Affairs for Native American Programs at Stanford University and as Dean of Students at Carl Sandburg College. In his professional Education career, he has published Mathematics Education and Student Services articles. His most recent books, Dancing with Grandfather, and Bear Lake Monster and other Clever Stories were published by Outskirts Press. His latest book, Lenape Animal Fables is a collection drawn from traditional Delaware Indian oral teaching stories with a modern perspective. A father of seven children and twelve grandchildren, he is a member of the United States Marine Corps League, and served as a Lieutenant Colonel in the New Mexico State Guard. Retiring from New Mexico State University, his writing focus has been a book of poetry, two short story books and a work on his life experiences as a Native American, Lenape Nation, and Unami Clan. George is artist, musician traditional Lenape straight dancer, and elder in the Eastern Delaware Nation. He believes if one knows the past one can better understand their future.