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Leeto: My Journey

Carmen Michele Appling

Pages: 100
ISBN: 978-145752-487-5
List Price: 14.95
Category: Autobiography & Biography
Available: February 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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Life lessons included in this book the author hopes will inspire and heal every broken heart: Life is a “puzzle”; you got to figure it out. Life is a “roller coaster”; you ride up and down. At some point you got to “recognize your blessings” and choose the right path in life. Many of us have taken a wrong path at least once or twice in life, and many of us have taken the wrong path over and over again; being left with a broken heart (spiritually broken inside). We must learn how to recognize a blessing when it’s in front of us, not after it’s gone – when it is too late; this includes relationships, a job, or anything [positive] in life that makes life worth living. And throughout all of her life’s ups and downs, after the author’s struggle with alcohol addiction, learned that “the best way to go in life is Sober.” With a sincere desire to reach out to people regarding life challenges and relationships, the author states: “Love yourself always, and always believe in the Lord – He is Powerful and Great!”

Completing this book has been a big challenge. I’m happy that I’m a changed person. And I’m no longer scared to take risks. I’ve taken my life back: I over came my struggle of alcohol addiction, achieved something positive (like authorship), and I’m learning how to do things differently. I like keeping my sanity and plus my faith in God is stronger. Satan was on me so hard, but all I knew was God. I have to “give God the glory,” because I have come out the winner in every “life struggle” (battle) so far. And I will continue to “give God the glory!” The author, Carmen Michele Appling, was born and grew up in Detroit, Michigan and presently resides in Michigan.