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Landscapes of the Heart – A Survivor’s Guide

Gregg Tyler Milligan

Pages: 840
ISBN: 978-145752-963-4
List Price: 26.95
Available: June 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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Landscapes of the Heart: A Survivor’s Guide offers readers a gripping expedition through Gregg Tyler Milligan’s personal journey as an adult, which he combines with illuminating insights, wisdom, and new ideas shared from years of experience, studies and work – coming together in a simple yet masterful unified approach that can be easily applied for success at every level – individual and societal. Landscapes of the Heart stands apart from other books; Milligan interweaves his life’s struggles, adventures and successes, punctuated with his written works, professional research and groundbreaking concepts – leading readers into a path forward lit by compassion, driven by personal responsibility and proven by the examples taken from Milligan’s own life and those evidenced by fact-based research shared. Landscapes of the Heart is a carefully constructed map to a more beautiful world; starting with ourselves and building outward– as Milligan captures eloquently, “We are all connected.”

Gregg Tyler Milligan is an award-winning, internationally renowned author and advocate of abuse prevention, education, and human rights. Milligan’s focus is clear – help people understand that he shares not his story, but all of our stories together – one of compassion, perseverance and hope, found in the greatest adversity and depths of despair. “Even there.” His books, A Beautiful World (2009), God Must Be Sleeping (2011; 2nd Edition, 2013) and Landscapes of the Heart: A Survivor’s Guide (2014) tie Milligan’s life experiences and learnings into the purpose connecting every one of us. Shared with the raw truth of pain and beauty, suffering and love – Milligan reveals a tremendous journey of fighting, falling, struggling, getting up and standing for what is right. He invites us to join together, using the power of choice bound to responsibility, led by compassion – in which we build a sustainable world of endless possibilities for all.