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Kat and the Bone

Tom Hoch

Pages: 284
ISBN: 978-145754-215-2
List Price: 17.95
Category: Fiction
Available: October 2015
Edition: Perfectbound

Jim Snertzbaum is an easy target for his middle school classmates. With a name like his and a short chubby physique, he might as well have the old ‘kick me’ sign taped to his back. Unlike most of the young people around him, Jim matures quickly in mind and body. He is motivated to improve himself by two things: A teacher who takes an interest in him and the new kid that moves to town. He is already a financial success by the time he enters his junior year. When Jim steps on the football field that fall, he is laughed at by many of his peers and even by one of the coaches. It doesn’t take long for the new improved Jim Snertzbaum to turn the animosity into admiration. Even his harshest critics have to admit that Jim, and his best friend Kat, are two of the finest high school players in the state.

Tom Hoch was born in Battle Creek, Michigan. He is currently a retired social science teacher and coach. Mr. Hoch lives in northwest Illinois with his wife of 40 years. His two daughters and five grandchildren live close by.