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Justice Down: A Novel

Ian Greenham

Pages: 324
ISBN: 978-145752-488-2
List Price: 13.45
Category: Fiction
Available: January 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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From capital punishment to abortion, and gun rights to gay rights, arch conservative Supreme Court Justice Damon King inflamed the nation’s culture wars for over twenty-five years. Brilliant, arrogant, and abrasive, nothing threatened his sense of intellectual impregnability until the morning his wife found him shot dead in his study, on the verge of overturning the most controversial liberal precedent of all. Seasoned FBI Agent Dexter Chambeau, beset by his own personal challenges, is confounded by a cluster of suspects but a dearth of clues—any number of parties angered by King’s divisive judgments, but no witness, no murder weapon, no fingerprints, no DNA. Was this the perfect crime to thwart the triumphant finale to King’s reign on the bench? Did justice finally triumph over the law?

Ian Greenham was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. He graduated from law school and worked in one of Australia’s leading commercial law firms before joining the country’s diplomatic service. While in Australia’s High Commission in Papua New Guinea, he was recruited by a major U.S. bank. Assignments followed in Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, London, and New York. During his recent ten years in New York, his abiding interest in the law and its social ramifications saw him tracking closely the succession of controversial U.S. Supreme Court decisions underlying the murderous intrigue in Justice Down, his new novel after his scientific mystery, The Fisherman’s Stamp.