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Just Wait Till Your Father Gets Home

Earle Levenstein

Pages: 320
ISBN: 978-145752-718-0
List Price: 14.95
Category: Fiction
Available: June 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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David Miller, salvaged from the Land of Almost Down the Tubes, dreams, hallucinates, recalls and-why not?-invents gripping scenes from the life he’s sort of lived; acting out every role for his audience of one: his sainted Uncle Morrie; the man uniquely qualifi ed to be his loving guide in the search for the David Miller who might have been and almost wasn’t. David’s mother Betty (not Mom, Mother) and father Ben (Don’t You Dare Look At Me that at Way) Miller, make their own truly magical appearances, challenging their son’s outrageous and totally self-serving exercise in How To Demonize Your Mother and Father, who, as every decent person must know, did their absolute best and/or didn’t know better and/or actually meant to do everything they did. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and finally, thanks to an upbeat-kind of ending, you won’t regret having joined the party.

Born and bred in NYC: public schools, HS of Music & Art, stickball every day until dark. Rabid Dodger fan until they fled to CA. Now afflicted with the Mets. Doomed. To Syracuse U.: bowling nights, resting days; classes a distraction. Saved by the Draft. Two years inhaling France; then, freelance cartooning; Esquire, Colliers, Saturday Review. Saw a TV storyboard: revelation. Wrote and boarded one, hired by Benton & Bowles. Off on the yellow brick road to another shop as Creative Supervisor, another as Creative Director, then President, and opened his own agency. Through the years met, worked with, and knew scores of characters on both agency and client side of the battle to save the world from a life devoid of ways to spend money. A never boring, raucous crowd of scalawags and saints; inspired and otherwise. Coming away with a closetful of stories just waiting to be told.