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Just A Vampire


Pages: 192
ISBN: 978-159858-684-8
List Price: 15.00
Available: June 2013
Edition: Perfectbound

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I am…. different. When I was young, the other kids told me so. They said I was weird. Some were even afraid of me. Some said I was a witch. Some called me an alien. I was different and they all knew it. It did not help when as I grew older my permanent teeth came in horribly crooked. I got braces of course, modern times being what they are, and my longish canines were removed “to reduce overcrowding in my mouth”. By the time I reached high school, I had developed a number of vague physical problems that no one seemed to be able to identify. Along with a deep dark secret of drinking blood on rare occasion when I could; I had fainting and dizzy spells, developed food allergies, had trouble sleeping, developed chronic fatigue, and was very prone to heat stroke. I was in and out of hospitals as various medical professionals tried to figure out what was wrong with me. I became depressed and eventually attempted suicide. It took years of personal research, but I finally found an explanation. I am a vampire. It is not glamorous; it is not romantic; it is not cool. It is a royal pain in the neck (pun intended). I don’t live my life as “a vampire”. Just like the character in my book, I live my life as a person. I’m not that interested in vampire books or movies.
I don’t run around looking for people to bite. I am in fact looking for ways to live my life without having to drink blood. Why? …Because I don’t like being dependent on others for my well-being. I am a health nut. I work out and eat a diet of mostly raw vegetables and fruit… plus the occasional rare steak. I have learned to meditate and absorb energy from nature, the earth, and other ambient energy sources, even morning sunshine! So, what is it like being a vampire? Well, for me it feels pretty…. normal.

Meet Janet. She’s a regular mother of two daughters, a hobby gardener, and, oh yeah, she’s also a vampire. This vampire doesn’t slink around dark allies looking for victims. She doesn’t stalk the city after dark in black leather. She just wants to raise her daughters and live a normal life. But it’s hard to lead a normal life when you’re a vampire, especially when you are constantly harassed by holy warriors. This is not your usual vampire novel. The typical roles of good and evil are completely reversed in this brand new look into the secret life of a real world vampire.