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Jeevra’s Legacy

Bruce E. Dunn

Pages: 240
ISBN: 978-145753-988-6
List Price: 15.95
Category: Fiction
Available: October 2015
Edition: Perfectbound

The Ark has returned with others from outside our galaxy. All the members of the conspiracy to save the Progeny and Furries are making bets on what they will find. Did the Progeny and Furries on the planets they seeded find the Box? If so, what did they do with it? Have any of them gone into space? Did any of them meet? If they did, what happened? What they do find are three things: surprises, galactic war, and eventually a journal entitled “Stories from the Tree”.

The journal does not answer all their questions, but for each of the seeded planets, including Research 4, there is a story recounting the events surrounding the finding of the Box. Reading through the papers he found in the barn, the author was surprised to discover how significant the finding of the Box was on some planets and how insignificant it was on others. In all cases, however, drama surrounded the finding of the Box. Each story, in addition, gave those on the Ark a snapshot of the culture that had arisen on each of the planets during their absence.

Bruce Dunn was born and spent most of his childhood in Larchmont N.Y. His first hobby was reading. His second hobby was writing long stories about knights of the King-Arthur variety. As a boy he expected that he would be a writer, but after a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin, he opted to be a university professor teaching and publishing in psychology and research design. He taught at Marshal University, University of Minnesota-Morris and finally at the University of Calgary. Since retiring, he has had time to pursue interests in anthropology, genetics, particle physics, and number theory. Just as important, now he has time to return to writing fiction again, but not anymore writing about knights, but rather writing science fiction. His first book in this series is “Pygmalion Conspiracy”. “Jeevra’s Legacy” is the second book in what will be a quartet.