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In Extremis

David Ainsworth

Pages: 294
ISBN: 978-145753-793-6
List Price: 16.95
Category: Fiction
Available: June 2015
Edition: Perfectbound

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In 2035, as the nation slides into economic collapse caused by a perfect storm of oil scarcity and cyber warfare, a U.S. Marine officer and his journalist ex-wife are drawn into international intrigue involving the People’s Republic of China, a rogue element in the U.S. national security apparatus, and a mentally unstable oil-state Senator running for President. Vincent and Grace Long are actors in a chaotic, frightening, and ultimately life-affirming odyssey of collapse, adaptation and survival.

The reader will be startled to find the country and the world in the dystopian condition characterized in this novel, especially since the story takes place a mere two decades into the future. Yet an ever-increasing global population accelerates exhaustion of the energy resources needed for survival even as climate change compounds scarcity. Onset of the crisis occurs when America and the industrialized world hit “peak oil,” and demand exceeds terminally declining supply—something that will occur sooner than you think.

David Ainsworth is an international maritime attorney, an author, a former Marine infantry officer, and a winemaker in California’s Napa Valley. He has studied geology and international relations and has extensive business and legal experience in foreign trade. In Extremis is his second novel. He resides in Saint Helena, California.