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I Want to Know! Is There Really a God?

Rev. Anthony L. Lisi, D.D.

Pages: 72
ISBN: 978-145752-684-8
List Price: 12.95
Category: Inspirational
Available: February 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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Is there a GOD? How was he created? Where does he live? What is a soul? What does he look like? Where is heaven? Where is Hell? Never in the history of man, could man answer these questions, until now. It took this author over three years to ¬find these answers, and a lifetime of questions. The answers were there all the time, and no one took time to look and question.

I, was raised in a strong Catholic family in upstate New York, the time when God was still strong in the hearts of men. But as time has moved on from when I was a young boy in the ‘50s to now, 70 years later, it seems that people are falling away from Him. People know nothing about God but everything about Jesus. The Bible gives no real evidence that there is a God, only words. I do not need words, nor do I need faith. If there is a God, then there has to be evidence that he is real and not a spirit. A spirit is made in the minds of man. Nothing is real about a spirit, only a belief. I know that God is real because of the evidence I have found. I have found no written bible that told me where God lives or how he does things. What is a soul, and how does it work? Is there a Heaven and a Hell? Where did God come from? Ask any person, “Where is God?” You have said it, they have said it, and it will be said again and again. HE IS EVERYWHERE…HE’S IN US…HE’S UP THERE. The real truth of the matter is, no one knows where God lives. To find him, change the way you think. I call it GETTING OUT OF THE BOX. I set the Bible aside and began to study God’s works, HIS CREATIONS. The world around me, that’s God’s Bible. There in front of me, there all the time, are written words of God. I see the evidence and real proof that God is a real being. No! Not a being that looks like us. He has his own form, and at death we take that form. People look but do not see. A person will never see God unless he opens his eyes and questions what he sees. My book will show you the way and will open your eyes to the real God. Jesus knew, he saw, and he tried to tell man what he found, but men were ignorant at that time, filled with greed, lust, and a desire for power. Wow! Am I talking about people of yesterday or today? All the questions I had as a child now have real answers. He put me on the path to find him, and now I can show it to you. Open your eyes and heart, walk with me, for you to shall see God. He will open your eyes to a new door and a road to him. No matter what name you place on HIM, He is the Creator and always will be.
Rev. Anthony L. Lisi, WCM, D. Div