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I Saw Bigfoot Dancing with a Grizzly Bear

Brian Wraught

Pages: 26
ISBN: 978-145752-017-4
List Price: 7.00
Category: Children’s Books
Available: July 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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After a long hard week at work, what could be more relaxing than a nice quiet weekend of camping? Nothing. So the camper thought… While collecting his camping gear and supplies this happy go lucky camper pictured the scene. The lush green wilderness, the sweet smell of country fresh air, the sounds of birds greeting one another. Will that be the only sights and sounds in the woods? The hidden campsite was even better than the eager camper had imagined. A calm peace filled his hearts and soul as he took in all the beauty that surrounded him. What else will his heart and soul be filled with? After camp was set up and the supplies were unpacked, this temporary home was now a haven of rest. “This is the place to be, I wish I would stay here and never leave” said the camper out loud. One should be careful what he wishes for… While gathering some wood for a cozy campfire, something caught the camper’s eye. Was this real or were his eyes playing tricks on him? This can’t be real, or is it? What did the camper see?

Brian Wraught grew up in the Ozark Mountains of Willow Springs Missouri. When he wasn’t swimming, fishing, or playing baseball he was listening to music. The sounds of the notes, chords, harmonies and melodies were tattooed in his heart and soul. This love for music led him to play the drums in a garage band in his younger years. One day a band mate suggested that he try writing songs. This idea was completely foreign to him. “Only professionals write songs, I’m just an amateur” was his thinking at the time. But, Brian decided to give it a shot anyway. He enjoyed the challenge of coming up with an idea that sounded good and made sense to someone other than him. Well, the record labels never called and the band never made it out of the garage but there’s one thing that did, his love for writing songs. “The telling of a story in a poetic rhythm is like French fries to me, I can’t get enough.”