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Human (D) Evolution: The Origin of Our Left-wing Species

John Hayberry

Pages: 344
ISBN: 978-145752-091-4
List Price: 26.95
Category: Nonfiction
Available: October 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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Book Summary This book explains the social pathology and political madness threatening to destroy Western culture, our liberty, and the American dream. It offers two new scientific theories that forecast the moral disintegration of society: PETS hypothesis and fantasy addiction disorder (FAD). Readers will explore the Darwinian origins of modern Liberalism, learn how it feeds off the lifeblood of humanity, and discover to their disbelief what makes a Liberal tick. Lib·er·al (noun) a delusionist; a person afflicted with juvenile-fantasy-euphoria addiction; a naïve individual with a genetic predilection for anarchy, promiscuity, and illegal drug use that often extends into adulthood; a male or female with illogical social views stemming from a diminished capacity to understand others—including one’s own enemies—and thus the world; a domesticated breed of Homo sapiens. THE PROPOSED PSYCHIATRIC DIAGNOSIS: Dopamine-Self-Induced Psychotic Disorder with Delusions According to Graveley, “Our Liberal friends, who refuse to accept reality, will fight tooth and nail to maintain their biochemical bliss. This self-induced state requires doting on the tenets of their collectivist Marxist/Progressive ideology and/or, through recall, past use of hallucinogenic or mood-altering drugs . . . . A left-wing loon simply cannot be convinced that what he or she feels and believes is wrong. (This is, of course, also a feature of schizophrenia.) You may as well be arguing with a mouth full of cotton.” Herein, readers will find startling examples of how fantasy addiction disorder (FAD) and PETS hypothesis account not only for Liberal attitudes, personality traits, and physical appearance, but the dogged erroneous beliefs and disproven ideology of today’s Democratic Party. You will learn why Liberal opinion endures despite historical precedent (and despite, ironically enough, the fundamental precepts of the modern democratic society). Liberalism’s often-stated goals and desires—such as “equality of outcome” and “redistribution of wealth” (i.e., Socialism/Communism), along with the dissolution of the free-market Capitalist system—are ideas that, if implemented, would clearly be financially disastrous for all, and yet they persist. Why? It’s all about genetics. OUR AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE IS UNDER ATTACK BY HOMO SHEEPIENS! Graveley’s human/animal psychiatric-evolutionary theory explains everything about Liberalism that so many people have wondered about: (1) why the Left (the anti-Right) seeks to diminish America’s military power and rely on the United Nations to establish a “new world order”; (2) why the Democratic Party employs the tools of mass propaganda, revisionist history, racial preferences, reverse sexism, voter fraud, and costly immigration policies to further its agenda; and (3) why Progressives openly strive to mainstream sexual abnormality and secretly aspire to replace Christianity—the religion of our founding fathers—with a state of moral relativism. This mindless insanity must stop.

Charles Graveley was born in Louisiana. He studied at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is a self-educated cryptic-human zoologist. For over forty years he has sought to understand Liberalism. Concerned not only for the future of America but for the evolution of the human race, he has spent much of his life pondering the reasons for illogical human thought, speech, and behavior. He is a Southerner whose ancestors fought for the Confederacy near Fort Sumter during the Civil War. He is also related to the youngest commercial sea captain in history. He has had a varied career in small business, advertising, technical writing, and claims investigation. Having lived and traveled all over the United States, including California, he is familiar with a wide variety of ethnicities, attitudes, and Americana. He may have solved what many conservative Republicans consider to be the greatest puzzle of all time. In January 2010, twelve months after Barack Obama had been inaugurated as president, a possible root cause for enigmatic Liberal integrities, dogma, and political ethics suddenly occurred to him. Ecstatic, but cautiously skeptical, he wrote compulsively for the next three and a half years, devoting all of his spare time to doing library and Internet research in the fields of pharmacology, anthropology, and Darwinian psychiatry. The wealth of substantiating information that he found not only verifies his original theory but has greatly expounded upon it, forming the basis for some revolutionary new ideas regarding dopamine addiction, diminished instincts, and human evolution. Each source of reference is cited in his book, Human (D) Evolution: The Origins of Our Left-wing Species. The author’s hometown of New Orleans has a heritage strongly influenced by an admixture of French, Spanish, American Indian, West African, and Haitian vodou (voodoo) cultures considered unique in the United States. As a youth, he fished in Lake Pontchartrain and hunted in the spillway swamps and on the banks of the Mississippi River. His years of experience dealing with the French-speaking Cajuns of the Plaquemines Parish bayous, indigent African Americans, wealthy Creole Democrats, and would-be con artists, may have helped solve the mystery of why modern-day Liberal Homo sapiens think, speak, and act as they do. If Graveley’s theory is correct, it could have mammoth (i.e., Republican elephant) implications.