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How to Stay Depressed: OR Kiss it Good-Bye Through New Discoveries

Dr. Glenn Richards Robinson

Pages: 132
ISBN: 978-145751-145-5
List Price: 11.95
Available: August 2012
Edition: Perfectbound

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It’s no secret that these are very difficult times, and incidents of depression have increased dramatically.
This book, “HOW TO STAY DEPRESSED: OR Kiss It Goodbye Through New Discoveries” provides the newest, and most up-to-date methods to successfully treat depression. Drawn from many different disciplines – psychotherapy, neurology, nutrition, psychopharmacology, alternative medicine and even spirituality- it is a simple, reader-friendly guide to understanding and immediately applying this new information.

Dr. Robinson received his undergraduate degree in psychology from Northeastern University in 1968, a masters in 1972, and his doctorate in counseling psychology from Boston University in 1978.
In private practice for 32 years, he has been on the Courtesy Staff of Osteophathic Hospital in Portland, Maine, and has done numerous psychological and psycho-neurological evaluations for the court, in-patient, and residential programs.
An award winning instructor, he has taught at the University of Southern Maine, Southern Maine Community College, and lectured in the Community at large. His subjects included the treatment of depression and anxiety, as well as the power of suggestion, and clinical hypnosis.
In the 1980s, he pioneered a radio program called “Psychological Insights” on WLOB, AM radio.
An avid sailor and sports fisherman, he is now retired and summers on Peaks Island in Maine and winters in Boca del Toro, an island off the coast of Panama.
He is working on his next book called “How to stay in a Crummy Relationship” and gathering material on his third.