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How I Became a Bird Brain

Pansy Anderson

Pages: 88
ISBN: 978-145751-795-2
List Price: 6.99
Category: Nonfiction
Available: June 2013
Edition: Perfectbound

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Tracey is thankful she survived a serious car accident with nothing worse than a bang on the head and a lingering headache.
Still, she’s pretty bummed it happened over Christmas vacation! Plus, she has to drop all her extracurricular activities! Dr. Gates is being too cautious with his restrictions, she thinks, until one day, Tracey starts to hear voices! Everyone is at school or work; no one is near or in the house.
Then what is Tracey hearing? “Think, Tracey, think!” she tells herself aloud. Only then does she realize these are not real sounds but impressions of voices—inside her head! People who hear things are crazy, aren’t they? Enjoy this account of injury, healing, and a great big surprise! Can Tracey keep this secret from her twin and family? Should she?

Pansy Anderson is a pseudonym borrowed from the author’s maternal and paternal grandmothers; lovely women who never wrote children’s fiction. The author’s writing talent is a mutation of the acting gene inherited from her mother.
Previously a special education teacher experienced with children in preschool through high school, the author always wrote stories, told stories, and taught using stories.
Only recently has she considered the challenge of publishing stories.
She is the mother of two young adults and the “mother” of a flock of their age mates. Her husband is a very patient man.
A Wisconsin transplant to Florida, Ms. Anderson knows the flora and fauna of winter suburbia as well as the shorebirds of the south Atlantic beaches.
Masters Degree in Special Education, Master Gardener, bird watcher, and writer, she is pleased to add “published author” to her résumé.
If you enjoyed this and would like to read more, please contact the author at www.birdbrainstories.com.