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Here and There

Karen Dalin

Pages: 128
ISBN: 978-145751-986-4
List Price: 10
Category: Fiction
Edition: Perfectbound

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When Rachel Levinson settles into her new residence, she attempts to isolate herself. . She has lost her husband Rick, her daughter Carolyn, and the possibility of ever knowing the joy of being a grandmother. She yearns to understand why she has arrived in this Hell. Her new friend Betty encourages her to treasure her memories, and to resume her life. Although Rachel is struggling with many painful memories, events she can’t recall bring her even more pain.
When children begin passing her cottage on their way to classes, Rachel is drawn to a little girl she dubs Hattie
Hattie sincerely believes that she is to be part of a divine plan for learning and growth. She becomes an integral step in Rachel’s new understanding of spiritual truths about Control, Remembrance, and Tolerance . . . indeed, especially Love.

Karen Dalin lives with her husband in the old farmhouse they raised their three children in. She treasures the intimacy with nature that country living provides. Her family grows by leaps and bounds as her seven grandchildren produce and raise their offspring.
Her dream for her writing is that it will be a catalyst not only for Tolerance, but also for an appreciation of the diversity of Life in our Wondrous Universe.
Every day is a day to acknowledge the love and support of family and friends that have come into our lives. She wishes to thank all of these wonderful people that have been in her life.