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Heirs to Freedom

Christopher Vasillopulos

Pages: 452
ISBN: 978-145752-984-9
List Price: 19.95
Category: Fiction
Available: September 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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Inspired by Russian historical novels, especially Tolstoy and Pasternak, Heirs to Freedom is the story of a colonial Charleston, South Carolina family, who lived in the four decades before the American Revolution. The book was precipitated by a true event: in this period, the son of a planter and a former slave woman was tried in a colonial court. To rule in his favor the judge had to declare him white. To account for this startling finding, the story imagines what he and his family might have been like. In the process, it deals with all the issues that swirl around a remarkable family in America’s turbulent formative decades: slavery, race relations, generational strife, sexuality, gender, marriage and religion, all in the context of the developing Independence movement and the emergence of American national identity. Inevitably the political analogues of the private life are explored: equality, merit, individualism, justice, prosperity, liberty and freedom.

Christopher Vasillopulos has been a teacher/ scholar for over thirty years. He has taught in several American universities, lectured in European universities, and participated in many international conferences throughout the world. He has been active as an op-ed journalist, especially on American foreign policy in the Middle East. He has published more than forty articles in academic journals on a wide variety of topics, from Greek Tragedy to Constitutional Law to Nazi Germany. He wrote The Triumph of Hate: the Political Theology of Hitler Movement (2012). His writing has centered on the relations between traditional political theory, theology, history and literature, based on the assumption that and Man’s political activities cannot be understood apart from his larger social context. He was educated in public schools in New Rochelle, NY, Hobart College, and the University of California, Berkeley. He is currently Professor of Political Science at Eastern Connecticut State University. He is currently teaching courses in ancient, modern and American political theory, and International Relations. He has taught courses in Public Law and Public Administration and several topical seminars.