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Heart of a Champion

Alison Gieschen

Pages: 144
ISBN: 978-145753-023-4
List Price: 12.00
Category: Inspirational
Available: June 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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Located in the quaint town of Swedesboro, NJ, a group of equestrian vaulters searched for years to find the horse of their dreams. Just when finding the perfect horse seemed hopeless, the team was granted a Christmas miracle. Janyck arrived and stole everyone’s hearts. He not only performed his new job perfectly, but Janyck found a way to help those who needed him the most. Then, through a horrible twist of fate, on the coldest day of the year, Janyck plunged through the surface of an ice-covered lake. Despite attempts from dozens of rescue workers, his 2,000 pound ice-covered body could not be pulled from the icy grip of the lake. Meanwhile, a second disaster loomed on the horizon. Having finally found the perfect horse to fuel their dreams of winning a national championship, the vaulters and everyone who loved the gentle giant, watched helplessly as only a miracle could save Janyck from the clutches of impending death.

Gieschen, having grown up in North Carolina, obtained a degree in writing from the University of North Carolina. She then moved to New Jersey where she attended Rowan University and earned both elementary and secondary education certifications and gained a Masters in Administration and Leadership. In addition to working as an educator, she raised a family, ran a horse farm and coached a nationally ranked equestrian vaulting team. Her published works also include a children’s book about equestrian vaulting, Julia’s Vaulting Dream, and Blue Ridge, and adult action/adventure novel.