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Health and Aging 101: What Makes You Tick

R. Eugene Chieppo

Pages: 172
ISBN: 978-145751-870-6
List Price: 14.50
Available: June 2013
Edition: Perfectbound

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There are two sources of depression: one source develops from our undesirable experiences in the fetal stage and onward in life. The other occurs daily from stress interacting with others; today’s stress generators become tomorrow’s depressive feelings. Both sources are natural emotional phenomenon of life. How you act as a depressive feeling wells-up, seemingly, from your gut, either intensifies your depression or totally eliminates the depression forever. At any time depression is felt, evaluate the feeling for a truly valid cause. If no obvious cause is found, then you are responding to phantom feelings. Would you like to rid your life of such depressions and enjoy feelings of harmony and joy? Anyone can do it; it’s just a matter of learning what makes you tick. Health and Aging 101 is more than an eye opener; it has the potential to open your life to happiness you thought was impossible.

In 1965, I kicked the smoking habit! That occasion is imbedded in my memory. As other smokers experience—it wasn’t the first quitting. As before, a nagging urge to light up sabotaged my intent, but this time a method for treating and beating the cigarette curse was discovered.
Consciously, I didn’t want to smoke, but a constant nagging urge always prevailed. It was like two forces in a tug-of-war. That notion of two forces opened a door I had forgotten—it triggered my memory of Theron Q. Dumont’s book, Solar Plexus or the Abdominal Brain, circa 1920, in which he discusses our “four” brains.

An analysis of that forgotten knowledge told me that force one, our consciousness, resides in our cerebrum while our subconscious, force two, can access the solar plexus memory bank. A unique quitting strategy became apparent—when applied, I was smoke free within two weeks!