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Harrowing Hallow’s

Lucas Pattie

Pages: 132
ISBN: 978-145752-781-4
List Price: 12.95
Edition: Perfectbound

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Imagine a time when sickness and death are so intimate that one faces the end of oneself and those nearest, yet so widespread that one fears the end of humanity and the world. Such a time was the black death of the middle ages, the setting this story takes as its point of departure in an exploration of death, catastrophe, and religion. Told from an eighteenth-century perspective, the tale relates the tragic and calamitous events of a Hallow’s Eve and Saints’ Day celebration of old that begins in the fi nest tradition of festiveness and chivalry. When joy and camaraderie turn to shock, suffering, sorrow and strife, the faithful struggle to come to terms with death and faith, and with their own lives. From the confl uence of woe, discord, love, and even the comedic, death itself emerges not as merely the end of earthly living, but as something constantly in our midst − as our very perspective on life.

Lucas Pattie received his bachelor’s degree in physics from Colorado School of Mines in 2000. While there he became interested in philosophy of science, and recently obtained his bachelor’s in philosophy at Metropolitan State University of Denver. In addition to writing, he enjoys reading, listening to music, hiking Colorado’s 14ers, and games of strategy. He lives in Golden, Colorado.