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Hannah’s Battle

Blane J. Brummond

Pages: 108
ISBN: 978-145752-870-5
List Price: 9.99
Edition: Perfectbound

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Hannah stands at the edge of the sheer bluff, facing a terrible and deadly creature that not only threatens to destroy all that she loves but, unless stopped now, will unleash upon the world an evil it has never known. She is not alone, though. At her side stands an army of fairies, pixies, gnomes, and the mystical, well-mannered wood sprite guardian of Ponca State Park. Hannah knows that even with these loyal allies, her chances of saving her father are slim, but with a nod of her head, she gives the signal and the battle begins.

Join Hannah in this thrilling, inspirational, and thoughtful tale of a young girl’s struggle with juvenile-onset diabetes as she discovers that being different isn’t always bad and that wisdom is sometimes found in the most unlikely of places.