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Gullible’s Travels: Raw & Uncut

J. Lee Webster

Pages: 582
ISBN: 978-145754-436-1
List Price: 22.95
Category: Fiction
Available: February 2016
Edition: Perfectbound

“Simply put this is a delicious slice of living, about really being alive for a troop of young ladies, if true, about the unexpected. ‘Horlarious’ if I may sneak a term of the author encourages the “Yeah, this really happened,” and there is no reason to argue.”

“100 shades purpler…without the whips and S&M”.

Wil Barnes, Sports Writer

From complete innocence to revenge and debauchery. Sexually explosive. Seriously humorous. Humorlessly serious. From shy naivety to kick-ass female empowerment. Based on the story of a true 1st Placed USA team. “Gullible’s Travels: Raw & Uncut” follows the naughty and humorous antics of two friends on a USA ladies sports team and their 1st Place stretch both domestically and internationally. Go USA! Find out what countries were destroyed in their path, on and off the field.

In her late 20s, Ryleigh now chews men up and spits them out, but they still come racing to be served up as an entree in her boudoir. Her free-spirited and wildly sexploitive partner in crime Streak has taught her well. This is a long way from her innocent, straight-laced upbringing and abusive relationship she breaks free of. Is it because the only man she truly loves and feels passion for, betrays her? Does she discover the conspiracy against them too late? Will she continue to take revenge on all of the rest of the male population who wrongs her?

WARNING: This book contains some dubious consent, strong language, and some disturbing situations; and somewhat hazardous humor.