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H. A. West (Holly A. West)

Pages: 128
ISBN: 978-160844-043-6
List Price: 11.95
Available: June 2009
Edition: Perfectbound

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This novel will take you back to a time, (the early 1700’s) when death and disease was a rising commonality, and though the growing chaos had somewhat dissipated, something remarkable had developed and surfaced for a time. Angela Fheathers was not aware of who she really was, until that great battle. She all along was an angel from heaven, intentionally woven into the lives of the other established human orphans. Angela’s unique abilities progress with time, along with the understanding of how to use and project her powers. The characters in this novel are primarily of a younger sort, and will confront and help Angela overcome those expected rising evils that continually seek to capture her. Though this book is fictional, this is a story told for spiritual up-lifting. I often wonder that if angels became known to us in a human form an allowed to offer their heavenly gifts to us, and its profound affects it would have on those selected, and their ability to project these gifts and the understanding of how to use them wisely.

Holly A West

Holly (H.A.W.) and those are my initials and though being named after a bush, has been somewhat of a thorn to me. This un-traditional biography will offer the important pieces of who I am. I joined the military right out of High School and ignored my inner hearts intuitions of what I needed to become. As my heart was telling to “one” join a religious college, and then become a Missionary. From there, I would be allowed to spend the rest of my days writing in the remote fields of some distant land. After fours years in the Navy, one path after the other cropped up, it wasn’t easy, and the disappointments of life appeared dismal. Much dissatisfaction of what I needed to do had already rooted deeply within my soul. I felt defeated and needed rest and pulled away from those often intentional pit stops. I went on to college in search of who I wanted to be, and studied law and found yet a pre-established path had broadened. It had a sense of familiarity, perhaps yet another purpose and from there, I wanted to start writing again. Good or bad, that’s what I wanted to do. I’d write poems, sing terribly and converse with people in passing, and would expound on life experiences, dreams and the realities of those hurts was easier to reflect on. I knew in my heart there was much more to life that needed to be discovered and finding joy in the mist of things, proved easier than I thought. I found that people are similar in many ways, and know that our tears have healing powers, because I’ve learn to ask God for help. I’m not overly religious, and what I mean by that is, I don’t believe in pounding people with religion. I immensely enjoy writing and prefer to write fiction, woven with verbal expressions, as I find the connections of the two can often impact the hearts tears along with the terms of love that can often unleash those inner conquering spirits. I am hopeful that my writings will offer something much greater, the opportunity to contribute something positive and perhaps life changing. Ultimately, in my own experiences, I believe- where there is faith, miracles will harvest.