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God Is Love–Love Is God

Domingo Cabrera

Pages: 220
ISBN: 978-145752-750-0
List Price: 16.00
Category: Health, Self-Help & Spirituality
Available: June 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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Three of the most formidable words in the English language are brought together with a clear and fresh view on who God is and how He has loved mankind since the beginning of time. God: the only perfect one, all-powerful, creator of the universe. Is: a state of being that has always been and always will be. Love: the most powerful and euphoric force in the universe, which has caused nations to rise and fall and people to sacrifice their very lives in its pursuit. God Is Love—Love Is God moves past the clichés of God and love, and it takes a deep look at the God of the Bible and at fifteen principles of love that helps the reader understand how he or she is loved and can love this way.

Domingo Cabrera identifies with the early disciples of the New Testament; not trained in religion or theology, he encountered the God of love in 1970 and has been a follower ever since. He has completed a 36-year career in management and has served in numerous roles within the local church, ranging from worship leader to church chairman. He and his wife raised four children and now enjoy the blessing of eight grandchildren; they make their home in Southern California.