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Glenwood Road: Summer Stars

Martin W. McCormack

Pages: 148
ISBN: 978-145750-767-0
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Edition: Perfectbound

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My boyhood was happily lived during the late forties and early fifties in a large leafy enclave within Midwood’s Vanderveer Park Section of Brooklyn, N.Y. My parents, both of second generation Irish descent, were kind , righteous, well-read and full of humor. Our family, neighborhood and Catholic education nourished the upbringing of my siblings and me.
After graduating St. Augustine High School and Fordham University.
I earned a J.D. at Fordham Law School and married Mary Roberts, a stunning young neighbor.
After retirement following four decades of work as a corporate lawyer both in the U.S. and abroad, I began to look back and reflect more and more on my boyhood and on the mix of neighborhood characters I had been exposed to during my early years. Some of these reflections were of happy or hilarious events while others were about odd and unpleasant episodes including tragic death. The result was my decision to compile ten short stories about certain happenings which I experienced at a tender age during that long-gone era. I hope that these little stories will provide the reader with amusement, wonder and insight into the uniqueness of the time, the locale and its inhabitants.
Any resemblance of any character to any living person or to his or her relative is wholly coincidental.