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GLAM SOCCER!: A Story of the Colourful Years of
English Football League clubs, 1967-1976.

Malcolm Stark

Pages: 732
ISBN: 978-145752-645-9
List Price: 28.95
Available: March 2014
Edition: Hardcover (No DJ)

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GLAM SOCCER! is a story of the most open and exciting decade in English football history, 1967-76. Colour television and weekly magazines greatly enhanced its popularity, as players grew their hair for the first time, providing unsurpassed moments of real magic. Nineteen different teams won major trophies between ‘Sixty-seven and ‘Seventy-six, with twenty teams fully involved in title races after February. To put this into context, only eight different teams won major trophies in the eleven years between 1996 and 2007, and only six teams have been involved in title races during the thirteen years since 2000. Ten different English teams also reached the Finals of European tournaments, and forty percent of those Finals’ places were filled by English clubs, a record that was only broken by Italian clubs filled with World superstars during the 1990s. GLAM SOCCER! is a story worth remembering and celebrating.

Malcolm Stark was born in Leicester, brought up in Newcastle, before living in the North-west for six years in the Eighties. He eventually settled in the Vale of Aylesbury, where he’s been a postman for over twenty-five years. He has loved football all his life, but in 2008 he re-discovered a love of the game back in the early Seventies, a love that grew and grew, and led to him writing GLAM SOCCER! He admitted, “I’m no author. I read loads of sports books and these professional writers all have a proper style, but what I hope I brought to this book was passion, and pray that that passion gets to readers. It’s a hell of a great story, but if I fail trying, then I just failed. But if any proper writer ever decides to do it with the passion I had, it’ll be a Best-seller on the Sports Books charts.”