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Gathering of Light: The Angel Series - Book III | H. A. West (Holly West)

Gathering of Light: The Angel Series – Book III

H. A. West (Holly West)

Pages: 124
ISBN: 978-145750-594-2
List Price: 11.95
Category: Fiction
Available: August 2011
Edition: Perfectbound

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War was yet again nearing and evil declared to infect the human race, by inducing horrific strategies to paralyze our position before the gathering arrived. Not knowing our way of approach, evil did not fathom that we would unite as one, even through our religious diversities and stand together in this spiritual agenda. Our choice weapons were not of the physical arena, but devised from a spiritual standpoint- flooded with faith, hope, unity, and even the animals came to serve as nature’s representatives. Evil suspected that Sarah Willows-O’Malley held an ordained secret, which could finalize evils strongholds forevermore. Nevertheless, what was meant to harm Sarah in the first war would turn in our favor. Sarah nearly delivered that secret note, but found the strength from her core, and sang through the chaos until one of heavens’ prominent gates was activated, releasing warrior angels to aid in this fight. But before that had happened, many families fell to the ranks of evils persuasions at the gathering. But those who did not faint, held strong in their determinations to seize our survival, by allowing our spiritual weapons to hold untarnished in the sight of God. Again, evil had lost in what they thought to be their scattered victory and for reference sake; with God- all of our victories will be evident, when peace and unity is at hand.

Holly A West

I have authored three titles in The Angel Series; a masterful journey guided by hope, and the desire to fulfill a longtime dream. I was born in a village of Canada, in which my family later immigrated to the United States, to persevere in their quests to find our place, in this vast world. Even now, I gaze into my lively childhood, searching to find that moment when I found God, or did He find me first? No matter, I was found and hung-on to that memory, which lifted my soul to those often revealing tears, which still surface and comfort my heart. I have learned in my maturity walk that wealth is not always monetary and love holds opportunities and riches; use your spiritual and physical identities to build those accounts. Treasures can often be found in others, just look at the expressions of what your heart and tears yearn to seek, and reveal the hidden greatness that waits to be unleashed. I believe each step you take with God is filled with promise and maturity, defeat can not hold while the light of your souls, dwell in God’s shadow. Lastly, I write generally novellas and in the framework of my writings, I am hopeful they will inspire you to not faint and to find joy with determined hearts- despite.