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Galileo and the Silver Ravens’s Spy

Biagio DiSalvo

Pages: 174
ISBN: 978-145755-406-3
List Price: 9.95
Available: May 2017
Edition: Perfectbound

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Imagine you’ve spent your summer vacation on an enchanted island culminating in a magical treasure hunt against a dangerous magical family trying to steal and use the treasure to take over the world. You escape alive from the hunt, but have no clue as to what the treasure is because it is magically concealed from your eyes. Now, imagine you have to continue to fight to protect this unknown treasure, all while your family decides you have to uproot your life and move to rural, upstate New York.
Welcome to the life of Galileo Ambrosius. He and his band of magically talented friends move to the bewitching city of Ithaca, New York where they strive to find their niche at Ithaca High School. Four juniors and a sophomore can bring a lot of drama, especially when they have magic wands stashed away in their back pockets. On their journey to unlock the treasure, the main characters encounter new magic creatures, monsters, and temperamental teenagers trying to thwart them as they grow closer together to form an unstoppable team, or so they’d like to think…

Biagio DiSalvo has been writing from an early age, starting his first novel, Galileo and the Maze Maker’s Treasure, when he was 14 years old. Given its success, he continued with its sequel, Galileo and the Silver Ravens’s Spy. Biagio lives in Ithaca, New York, where he works as a biomedical engineer. In his spare time, he likes to run and enjoys cooking and mushroom hunting.

Ray Robinson
Ray Robinson

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