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Gabrielle’s FAT Journey

Gayle Eutsey Dean

Pages: 228
ISBN: 978-145751-620-7
List Price: 24.99
Available: January 2013
Edition: Perfectbound

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Gabrielle’s Fat Journey is a Fiction with true events, and narrated by the author.
Gabrielle is a black woman from south Florida. As a young child she befriended a little girl from her neighborhood and the two became best friends. Gabrielle loved to sing and her friend loved dancing. By the time Gabrielle was fifteen years old she `wanted to be a professional singer. She had also become a child that suffered with obesity, and besides her family, her music was her strength.
Gabrielle’s family moved to another neighborhood and her dreams of being a singer was shattered after her new school wouldn’t let her enter into their chorus class, and heartbroken Gabrielle gave up and quit school. Later she decided to go away to a trade school. While she was away in school, she met a man and fell in love. That love affair ended in grief, and later the burdens of obesity began to affect her life, but Gabrielle had an old incredible wish to come true.

Gayle Eutsey Dean Gayle is an African American lady. She was born in 1959, in Miami Florida. During the early years of Gayle’s life she lived in Miami Dade South, Florida, and was raised in a close family by both of her parents, and with brothers and sisters.
Her parents instilled good values and morals into their children. As a wife and mother Gayle, instilled the same values and morals into her children. Since childhood Gayle has been a victim that suffers from obesity, but through her life’s journey, she learned how to cope with the hassles that’s related with being a fat person and kept moving forward; forward enough to become a best- selling author.
Gayle say’s, “Even though I struggle with obesity, life is still great; and I thank God, for every day of my life.”